Sunday, November 8, 2015

RX833 750W Power supply

Tracking down some schematics

Wow, that is a loud fan.  I guess it's even louder when it doesn't have a server rack wrapped around it.  Sounds like a jet getting ready to take off.  That's really unfortunate.  It's more efficient then then an array of HPS.  All 12V also, so only real danger is that the power supply will go out.  It's a pretty safe device.  62A possible output, 40A expected output.

LED's (50k hrs)
Picture by Paul Sober
Those are banana plugs for the 12V connections and the switches are single throw, double pole, but only one side is used.  Next step is drilling channels for wires to power each array of LEDs.  So excited that the power supply is all wired up etc.   My 5 year old daughter was helping me with the wiring and had some very interesting questions about the internal workings of the power supply.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Kids books

Some ideas for children's books
  • Emma plants an apple seed
  • Emma learns about farming
  • conserving water / water use
  • composting
  • some kind of a textbook

Picture by Paul Sober

Things to do:
  • Clean
  • fix toilets
  • work on truck
  • build garden boxes
  • drop compost (into soil)
  • clean side yard
So much to do.  I guess that's just a symptom of living in an actual environment.

Emma and I are thinking about making some books for her to read, using the words that she knows.  She's an excellent reader and knows all her words from school, plus the ones that she's learned on her own.