Sunday, November 21, 2010

drinkin beers

well, it's a night off.  A night off by our standards.  Some of us enjoy drinking beers and working.  I still remember that fateful night with Jerry.  He said, 'all i need is a booger and beer.'  Now that's what he said all right.

pbr pabst blue ribbon
 That's a stand up chap.  A real dude.  Un hombre verdad.  Homeboy was responsible for %90 of the signage in Las Vegas back in the day.  That was before the corporations took over and even then, he had a hand in a lot of pots.  He had gotten his workers in at Yesco and some of the others and was well aware of the legalities and requirements.  That old carper was one of the most amazing people I've ever had the privilege to work with.

Gave 'im a call, I did.  Know what he said?  He said, "Hey Paul." Cuz that's my name.  He said, "Hey Paul, how are you doin?"  Which ain't a lot to most folks, but he was a different sort.  He said, "I used to live next door to Red Foxx."  Apparently, they were having a BBQ and someone drove a Chevy through Red Foxx's fence.  Too bad about that.

What a fellow though.  Have you ever shaken someone's hand and known?  Just known?  Well, don't tell me about it.  I shook the hand of someone that shook the hand of BB King.  I shook the hand of someone that shook the hand of Jack Dempsey.  I shook the hand of a fellow who knew what calculus was all about.  I mean, I know a little bit about the calculus, but that guy...  He's dead now.

Fortuitous decertification
Those of us that don't know, just have to estimate.  Well, I figure, hmmmm, 10,000 people, probably eat about 12,000 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches if that is what is available.  I'm guessing, if there's balogne sandwiches available also, then maybe 60/50, you get about 6,000 peanut butter and 5,000 balogne depending on the jelly.

You're looking at about 50 gallons of peanut butter, 1,100 loaves of bread, 45 gallons of jelly, way too much processed meat product, 500 packets of mayo, mustard and maybe half as much ketchup and relish.  people are strange that way.

Then you gotta talk about processing time.  You can't just hand people two slices of bread and some meat.  You need at least three people working for 4 hours if they're real competent.  Just placing the meat between the slices of bread.

For the PB and J's, you'll need either packets and plastic knives, or 5 people working for 4 hours and some kind of peanut butter distribution system.  You could use pastry bags, but it might take some engineering.  The other possibility is to purchase premade manufactured sandwiches.  Costs a little more, but hey, it's easier than paying unemployment insurance.  Machines do a better job and they don't break a finger on purpose just so they can sit around and watch the Flinstones and get paid.

novus ordo seclorum

Once it's all over, if you're budget is around 3 dollars per person, which means you're charging 5 at a minimum, then you can provide a box of juice, a sandwich and a choice of apple orange or banana, depending on the local logistics.  Plastic baggies, paper sacks and hair nets for the workers are mandatory.

If Jesus Christ were trying to feed the masses today, you can forget about miracles, you need at least 33k per 10k folks.  Then you gotta think about tables, cooling apparatus, napkins, and insurance.

assembly encryption

Are you serious about loaves and fishes?  You can't feed fish to the masses.  For one, you're talking about a seriously perishable item.  You can't keep hot food at room temp.  You need heating and cooling.  Sanitation during serving, which means dish washing, stainless steel serving utensils, and some kind of sneeze guard.  Are you trying to feed the masses or make sure they all have the same diseases so Jesus can cure them with a little white pill?

Anyway, you can forget about fresh baked bread.  It takes skill and ability to make bread from scratch.  You can mass produce that fluffy white stuff, but nothing will ever compare so bread made by a real artisan.  Someone who knows about proofing times and gluten development.  Machines and engineers will never be able to simulate an artist producing a work of art for your mouth.

he's dead
Some people are religious like sheep.  They would walk into a mob like that with a couple baskets of food.  No fruit, no drinks, just some bread and stuff and say, "feed yourselves."  They're not bad people, they work hard and all, I would just bring my own sack lunch if I was going to an event planned by them.  That's all.

Well, have a nice evening.  Still working on (now defunct)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

monty python and the holy grail

my web page making skills are really improving.  I have been practising making perl scripts for a while now and have been using them as a kind of content management system.

 It's a lot of fun and I have really developed an enjoyment for chewing up data with perl.  What a powerful and effective language.  I don't understand why people use all these objects and stuff though.  Seems like some people would rather download a module than write a few lines of code.  I just don't understand some people.

Coming up with the algorithm is really the funnest part because it shows how powerful the language is and it takes a little bit of finesse to develop a process that is simple enough to work, and yet flexible enough to be effective in all the different kinds of situations that it might have to deal with.

I am getting better and better and am almost ready to make the next step into object based programming.  I have some experience in school with C+ objects, which are cool and all, but I really want to have the flexibility of loading pages and stuff individually and making changes across an entire website without having to write scripts for each individual page.

Eventually, I want to have a system that works for all my pages and that makes it easy enough to make edits from anywhere in the world.  I really enjoy photography and want to travel and take pictures of everything.  It is getting harder and harder to be a successful artist, and my approach is simple, produce a ton of stuff and hope that there's enough cash to put your kids through karate lessons.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Contemporary Wealth

There are some concepts which change over time.  Wealth is an interesting one.  How many people do you know who have plenty of money but who lack wealth of self?  I'm not saying that they aren't good people, or that they need to be something other than who they are, my question is very simple.  Some people have cash, cold hard duckets, which is awesome.  People with money are generally the best friends to have.  Whatever they do is cool, and we often tell them because, ... why not?  People like to know how cool they are, and rich people are not really a whole lot different then people who are not rich.

Wealth of self is really a sense of who you are.  If your internal workings were compared with a fabric, or cloth, than the richness of that fabric could be described in so many ways for so many different kinds of cloth.  Some cloth is lacy and delicate, some cloth is canvassy and hard, some cloths are furry and warm, but each individual cloth isn't necessarily a better kind of cloth than another.

My point is that if everyone was the same kind of cloth, then it would be easy to describe a rich cloth, or a poor cloth, because it would be a simple matter of thread count or of getting a clear picture of the materials that are used to make the cloth.

The concept of contemporary wealth is that people can have money, and not have a richly woven cloth interior.  I've known people living in poverty who had very beautiful sparkly textures, and I've known very wealthy people who lived with a character that was largely dictated by cartoons and popular music and movies.

My belief is that people develop internal wealth by interacting with other people.  People who allow themselves to become isolated, for any reason, have a tendency to become internally poor.  No rule of self is ever absolute.  There are people living in the woods, that don't see people for months at a time, who are very wealthy individuals, spiritually.  There are also people who spend incredible amounts of time interacting, who have almost nothing in their personality that they can claim for their own.

In general though, people who spend a lot of time absorbing, or consuming media, tend to be mentally poor, and people who keep their input in balance with their output tend to have a richer sense of who they are.

Monday, November 1, 2010

the future of awesomeness

Is it more powerful to admit ignorance or to pretend that you know everything?

Is there any way to profess a belief in zen without negating and destroying any possibility of actually achieving zen?

If you give someone a dangerous idea, and they hurt themselves as a result, are you responsible for their ignorance?

glass eye
What are the three most inclusive and elucidated questions on your list of flatuitious inquisitions? Perhaps we should write a book together, and call it, "how to be awesome", or "2000 dangerous ideas".  We probably shouldn't include any recipes for fireworks, or anything that might cause an idiot to destroy or disfigure themselves.  People might purchase a book called, "how to be awesome for your entire life", maybe.  There's a comment feature if you have anything to add, or you could write your own book, if you actually have a better idea. 

ninja sushi
It doesn't cost much to have a book published.  Many places will actually publish your book for free if it's really good and/or they believe there's a market for it.

kung-fu monkey

Kung fu monkies do spinning monkey kicks.