Tuesday, November 15, 2016

new projects

Getting all kinds of things in order.  My new baby just arrived.  He's eating like a little champ.  He sure poops a lot though, and he's grumpier then an old coal miner without any chewin' tabacky.


So, one of the things I'm trying to get done is to organize my online projects:
That's pretty much everything.  I'm not naturally a super-organized kind of person, but having a family really puts pressure on you to get things sorted out, or let go of stuff.  It's just so chaotic sometimes.  I haven't had a chance to take a shower in ages.  I smell pretty ripe, but my wife is getting some rest and the baby is being grumpy right now, probably because his momma isn't available.

He's so cute and he smells so yummy (new baby smell), but he likes his mommy and he only barely tolerates me.  Maybe it's all because I'm always sniffing him and munching on his little fingers.

Things still to do:
  • Sort out domains
  • Remove / rewrite junk
  • rough out articles
  • register with aff.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Biologically active fertilizer

My experiments with anaerobic composting have led me to develop a liquid fertilizer with dramatic results.  Crops that are grown using this formula are strong and healthy.  Fruit that is produced using our methods are often larger and sweeter with a more pronounced flavor profile then fruits which are grown in soil without biological monitoring and control.

Soil bacteria and other beneficial microorganisms are a part of a complex process which was designed by nature to provide the roots of the plants with the chemical compounds which they require to generate healthy growth. 

For example, there are fungi in the soil which are capable of increasing the effective surface area of your plants roots by a multiple of 40. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

graceful lotus flower in repose

true art is never truelly understood

true royalty has more to do with the quality of your soul

love is a many splendored thing

have you found happiness yet?

what ai am up 2

 I love my wife, which apparently is a strange thing to some people.  I love her from the beginning of time til well after all time ceases to exist.  She is my infinite love.

Being infinite is peacefully chaotic if you're attempting to make any kind of sense out of it.  My heart goes out to you.  I pray for your children's perception of you.  I pray for your relationship with your family to be healthy and balanced.  I pray for you.

I pray for your health.  I pray that you find the healing and love that the earth feels for you.  It is waiting for us all to find it.  We shall grow more prosperous as life goes on.

It's been another sunny day today.  Too many folks were a part of my life today.  It was chaotic at times, riding the various filaments and tendrils through the infinite void.  Cleaning, walking, sharing, finding, repairing, knowing.

She is an amazing young woman, and I love herI love my wife, which apparently is a strange thing to some people.

Loving your wife will not always be a challenge.

Living is never not a challenge.

Flowers are beautiful.

Growth is not optional.